Meet the artist

Passionate About Beauty

What do you get when you combine a lifetime of artistic talent, over three decades of hands-on experience, and an unwavering dedication to doing passionate work? You get Toni Chase - salon owner and thirty-six year veteran of the beauty industry. Providing a precise and bespoke finished product, no matter what it is, her unique eye for symmetry and balance is unmatched.

In her personal time, Toni enjoys walking her dog, Tallulah, watching Netflix, roller skating and spending time with her family.

She’s a devoted partner, daughter, mom and grandma! 

Toni Chase

Certified Permanent Makeup Artist

Ombré Brows - 5 Star Academy, Dallas
Aquarelle Lips/Lush Lips - 5 Star Academy, DallasThe Perfect Brow - Elaine Campin
Eyeliner - Certified by Shay Danielle/Mini Brows 
PMU/Microblading Lifting & Lightening - Certified by Botched Ink 
Infinity Brows - Certified by Shay Danielle Academy 
Lip Blush - Certified by Shay Danielle Academy 
Certified Hennatician by Henna Brows, USA. 
Powder/Ombre Brows - Certified by Girlz Ink, Las Vegas 
NanoLines Machine Hairstrokes - Certified by MR Naturalines 
Collagen Induction Therapy - Certified by MR Naturalines 
Machine Training - Certified by Girlz Ink, Las Vegas 
Microblading/Microshading - Certified by World Microblading, Sacramento 
Saline Removal - Certified by World Microblading 
*Permitted and Insured